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About Us

What happens when "Dos Güeros" go to México?

Once upon a time, "Dos Güeros" (or two white guys from Canada) had property in Mexico and they enjoyed eating all the great street food there. But, they couldn't find any food like that when they came back to Canada.

So, brothers Jim and Don started hiring a chef down in Cabo San Lucas to teach them all the secrets and the traditional recipes.

For a while, this good stuff was just for family and friends, or maybe the occasional office potluck. Then one day, they saw a popular restaurant for sale in Leduc. They bought it, and added their traditional Mexican flavours and dishes to the strong Tex-Mex menu that was already in place.

What makes us unique is we take the food we love to eat in Mexico, and interpret it for a Canadian audience here in the Capital Region. We pride ourselves on bold flavours, hand-made salsas, and fresh ingredients. We hope you'll agree that it feels just like being back in Mexico when you come to Habaneros.

Jim and Chef Gloria

Jim with Chef Gloria. Photo from the Habaneros Test Kitchen in a top secret location overlooking the Sea of Cortés.

Don Research

Don in Cabo San Lucas doing difficult but important research for our drinks menu. You're welcome.

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